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Massage Therapy

Every day your body carries around hidden pain points called trigger points.

These areas of hyperactive nerves and inflammation can cause severe pain throughout the body, but particularly in areas like the upper neck, shoulder blades, lower back, and knees.

After an experienced clinician thoroughly examines your soft tissue to identify these painful areas, we administer a medical massage treatment with focus on your specific pain points and areas of movement dysfunction.

The therapist utilizes techniques such as soft-tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, myofascial trigger point release to resolve painful areas, enhance movement, muscle performance, and daily function.  This is the most effective massage treatment you will ever experience to address a variety of pain syndromes and will also help reduce the stress that life sometimes forces us to carry for long periods of time.

After the CGMT experience, you’ll move with less pain, less stress and more flexibility. Schedule a consult today at Brandywine & Lanham, MD to begin your journey to a healthier and pain-free YOU!